Aggregate Mining Operations

FHS, Inc. manages aggregate mining operations industry challenges

Aggregate mining including phosphate and chemical facilities present challenging applications.  The adverse atmospheric conditions create unique challenges for service and application.  FHS is the #1 service and equipment supplier for phosphate and chemical facilities.  Our Special Services and Mining Division is made up of a unique group of individuals who have years of combined experience managing the reliability and safety of these unique plant machines.  Draglines make up a large percentage of our Special Services Division’s work load.

The overhead hoists and cranes in these massive machines are the lifeline to production.  Vibration and heat is the enemy on these machines.  Developing creative, advanced designs for both overhead bridge and hoist systems has FHS in the who’s who of critical overhead hoist and crane development.  Control design on these big diggers brings the most advanced technology to the field of mining.   Chemical and process plants associated with mining see their own gamma of issues.  Atmospheric conditions including chemicals and water prove to be incredibly challenging.  These conditions are no challenge to the expertise of FHS.  Studies conducted by FHS have shown the value in an FHS industry specific planned maintenance program.  

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