Pallet Flow Rack


Our Systems:

  • Great for large amounts of pallet
  • First in First out (FIFO) method
  • Quick and Efficient inventory turnover

Using the pallet flow storage system can double or even triple the storage capacity compared to other methods. The First in First out (FIFO) method is a very economical way to store your items by saving you money, labor and warehouse space. When using pallet flow, there will be “loading” and “unloading” sides to the system. The pallet is placed on the “loading” side, then is moved to the “unloading” side using gravity rollers. This makes for an automatic stock rotation, therefor, reducing labor costs.

Thanks to the pallet flow system, companies notice that inventory turnover becomes quick and efficient. This system is heavily utilized by companies which have expiration date-sensitive products, which is why they are heavily utilized in freezer warehouse or food distribution centers. Pallet flow systems offer accessories to fit the needs of your product.