Power Generation

FHS, Inc. manages power generation industry challenges

Large capacity turbine gantries and overhead cranes play a key role in the lifting and installation of turbines and other parts for power generation facilities.  Turbine cranes require the most accurate positioning of loads during installation.  With Millions of Dollars of equipment on the hook, you want an expert and reliable company.  FHS integrates the advancement of technology in material handling along with leading manufacturers of overhead industrial machinery to provide the most advanced systems for these critical machines.

A reliable service companies and manufacturer of overhead cranes, FHS will ensure all the safety factors and adapt those to create the most beneficial and reliable equipment in industrial machinery.  FHS continues its education in regulatory compliance for the Nuclear Power industry as well following all guidelines of the “Quality Standards and Records”.  Our goal, through preventive maintenance programs tailored to your facility’s needs, is to virtually eliminate downtime.  There are few industries as critical as power generation.  Our expert design and service is recognized throughout our industry.  FHS stands ready to provide quick and reliable service.