Pulp & Paper Industry

FHS, Inc. manages pulp & paper industry challenges

Florida Handling Systems is the industry leader when it comes to the material handling needs of the pulp and paper industry.  With multiple years of experience working in paper mills, FHS understands these complex and often challenging environments.  It is because of our experience that FHS is able to come up with solutions that are relevant and work in concert with the needs of our customers.

Services for pulp and paper to keep you operational

Knowledge is a critical component in the proper application of material handling systems.  Pulp and paper, with their unique environments, require specific knowledge in order to properly establish an adequate material handling system.  FHS possesses that knowledge and our team of design professionals, engineers and technicians are prepared to address the challenges of the pulp and paper industry in a manner that not only solves a problem, but also leaves our customers with a sense of trust that their needs have been met with the quality that can be expected from an industry leader.