Selective Rack


Our Systems:

  • Standard rack for all storage needs
  • Maximum storage for available space
  • Immediate access to all storage
  • Variety of sizes for custom fit
  • Roll form or Structured
  • Fits RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) specifications

Being the most popular product on the market, selective pallet rack offers the largest selection of sizes and accessories to fit your exact needs. While offering this product in structural or roll form, selective pallet rack provides you with an efficient use of space as well as immediate access to all products stored.

Using selective pallet rack systems allows you to fully utilize your warehouse floor space as well as efficiently manage time. Having adjustable beam levels is key to finding the right height for your load in order to maximize storage space. Whether you choose roll formed or structural steel, both choices offer a strong pallet support system that meet and exceed all RMI (Rack Manufacturer’s Institute) standards and requirements.