Steel Industry

FHS, Inc. manages steel industry challenges

Steel Distribution and Fabrication Facilities through-out the Southeast turn to FHS for Design, Manufacture and Installation of Overhead Cranes, Jib and Gantry Cranes and material handling needs and can depend on highly qualified, well prepared and timely Service Technicians. FHS has been a leader in this industry for many years, working with 50 plus Steel Warehouse, Steel Processing and Steel Fabrication clients.

FHS focuses intently on the application, duty cycles and handling needs of each customer, develops the best long term solution, and takes the opportunity to show the client Return On Investment with the purchase of their equipment needs. Whether it, is Coil Handling, Bridge Girder Fabrication, Steel Distribution or any of the steel fabrication facilities, FHS is the LEADER.

FHS is proud to be a partner to the Steel and Service Center Industry, providing Class C, D and E cranes from 3 ton to 200 ton, long span cranes and complete turnkey projects including Runways, Electrification, Installation and Commissioning. FHS is your complete Crane Partner for the Steel Industry.